Omnia Foundation

Impegno e professionalità al servizio dell’utilità sociale. Perché quello che facciamo, scegliamo di farlo al meglio

Non-profit Foundation OMNIA was born on 16th December 2008 and its targets are:

  • Promoting the implementation of social, cultural, moral and solidarity initiatives addressed to individuals, groups and communities.
  • Promoting projects of health assistance in favor of weak brackets, paying attention to the assistance for children whose families are not able to afford health care costs.
  • Promoting the training about cultural and professional problems, as well as about professional and managerial update.

The activities developed by the Foundation will be funded on Christian values and they could be pursued directly by the Foundation itself through both Bodies and private or public Institutions.

Ethical Code
This Ethical code of the non-profit foundation Omnia collects a set of principles and general rules and details that must be points of reference for the operation of the Foundation. The uniformity of inspiration and action on the part of all is the fundamental prerequisite for the establishment and preservation of the identity of non-profit foundation OMNIA. This document is then entrusted to the conscience of those who must put it in place and It is therefore a “working tool” in harmonious cooperation for the establishment of the foundation.
The Mission
The mission of the Foundation OMNIA is providing a highly qualified service, according to the characteristics and specific needs that will arise from time to time. Primary objectives are therefore: the creation of stable and enduring value for shareholders and members, meeting the needs of customers, the enhancement of internal and external cooperation, the progressive development of the Foundation’s activities.
General principles
The Foundation operates its own brand, its regulation in this code is part of an image with well-defined. In an evolving scenario, where the company profile has become a decisive competitive factor, adherence to these principles is not only a link with tradition and a key corresponding to the sense of action, but also an adding value to the development of the activity and the achievement of non-profit foundation OMNIA. Therefore, the Foundation requires especially to all the employees to perform their tasks with diligence and accuracy, always respecting the principles of legality, integrity, fairness, impartiality and transparency.

Non basta fare il bene,

bisogna anche farlo bene

(Denis Diderot)